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Sole trader versus limited company
01 Jan

So you’ve had your big idea and you’re champing at the bit to get started. But, hang on,

first you need to think about your business structure. Should you become a sole trader or

go the limited company route? Here are some pros and cons to weigh up before making a


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No excuses – file your tax return on time
01 Dec

Time is ticking for the tax return deadline on 31st January. According to HMRC, 16,000 people filed their 2016-2017 return online during the Christmas break – even on Christmas Day itself! Still, that’s better than the business owners who completely miss the deadline and end up paying a £100 fine plus a £10 daily penalty.

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Top tips for invoice virgins
01 Nov

You’ve never done it before. It sounds easy but you’re a little bit nervous about doing something wrong. Fear not first-timers – here’s everything you need to know about producing an invoice...

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Tax for eBay traders
01 Oct

It’s a wonderful thing, eBay. A magical place where you can buy pretty much anything your heart desires – and sell it, too. But if you’re using eBay regularly to trade your services or products, you need to know where you stand with tax.