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These stats about women sole traders will shock you
26 Nov

Only one in five businesses in the UK is started by women but research has shown that more women, 12%, would like to become sole traders compared to 8% of men. The UK is sadly behind many European, high-income, economies including Italy, France, Denmark, and Germany. So what’s causing this disparity? Despite the barriers, businesses founded by women earn twice as much money than those founded by men and women-owned businesses have the same survival rates as businesses owned by men.

Did you know the most successful sole traders eat frogs for breakfast?
18 Nov

I know that times are tough but, unfortunately, we business owners don’t have the luxury of “going easy” on ourselves. If our businesses are to survive this fecal tornado, staring out of the window and ticking off the “easy jobs” isn’t going to clean up the mess. 

Small Business | Self-Employed Advice; Covid-19
19 Mar

During the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak many small businesses are going to be understandably concerned about their cash flow. We've put together some help that will get you through the toughest times.

How to Register as a Sole Trader: Your Complete Guide
25 Feb

Are you setting up in business on your own? You'll need to register as a sole trader. Read on to learn what you need to do with this complete guide.