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Did you know the most successful sole traders eat frogs for breakfast?
18 Nov

In recent months I’ve found myself increasingly distracted by the endless drama and anxiety that Covid and a world in crisis has presented. I’ll be honest, at times, the challenges have been so demotivating, I convince myself that a new winter wardrobe is suddenly critical to business continuity. My house becomes tidier than usual, I conjure the time  for zoom home workouts and my vitamin D production is benefiting from those longer than usual dog walks. Whilst all these things are “good” for me when I keep ending the day feeling tired and frustrated I know I’m losing business focus. 

With more economic uncertainty than I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime, how do we manage avoidance and procrastination; our brain's natural response to stress? It’s a herculean effort for the lone sole trader who has no one but themselves to be accountable to. 

 I know that times are tough but, unfortunately, we business owners don’t have the luxury of “going easy” on ourselves. If our businesses are to survive this fecal tornado, staring out of the window and ticking off the “easy jobs” isn’t going to clean up the mess. 

Eat that Frog

Times like these require serious discipline and I’ve found Brian Tracy’s book: Eat that Frog! best explains how to focus efficiently. Here’s the single most important take away. When reviewing your To Do List, do your most important task first.  The most important tasks  are usually the most challenging, these are your frogs. Do them (eat them) first, use all your will power and do them before you get anything else done that day and don’t stop until you have finished. The truth is, you’ll never get to the end of your To Do List and only by identifying the most important jobs and doing them first will you ensure you’re working on exactly what your business needs. 

Establish your priorities

Perhaps the first frog is planning your priorities. Start with the big picture and decide what your most important business goals are. Establish what tasks will enable you to achieve these goals and then break them down into manageable steps.

When planning your priorities, think about how they will make you feel, according to Tracy, envisioning results means you will be much more likely to make the best every day decisions. List your priorities in accordance with your most important business outcomes. 

Stick to the plan

One final tip is to plan your week ahead. As well as my Google calendar, I personally keep an A4 diary in front of me, (one with the hours of the day printed) and plan when I will do my personal and business activities. It’s really important to realistically plan what can be achieved and try to allow time for unavoidable interruptions. 

Yes, I am still procrastinating, way too much, but having that visual reminder of what to complete by when, really helps to fight the urge to doom scroll! 

If you need any help to get started with your sole trader business give our amazing customer support team a call  or you could try out these frog recipes I found on Pinterest