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Give your sole trader business some love this Valentine’s Day
11 Feb

Whether you are able to trade or not this Valentine’s Day, taking the time to work on your sole trader business, rather than just in your business can be invaluable. Give your sole trader business some love this valentines and your commitment will be rewarded!


From opening a new social media account, to getting to know your customer’s needs, to tailor-making your brand, it is vital for every sole trader business to reflect on how they can grow and flourish in this ever-changing world. Here at Duport, we have put together some ideas to help maximise your sole trader business potential this season. 


Review your social media options: could your sole trader business benefit from new exposure on social media? Many smaller sole trader businesses are finding they can reach a larger, more diverse customer base by using multiple social media platforms. The obvious ones include Facebook and Twitter; however many sole trader businesses are increasingly finding they reach a more diverse audience by including a business presence on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Allocate some time over this valentine’s weekend finding out which social media platforms your desired customer base uses, then create a presence for your sole trader business. Getting your sole trader company name known is vital for all businesses of any size and in a time when we are going out less, transmitting your name into people’s homes via social media gives you that added exposure.


Statistically, word of mouth is still one of the most productive forms of advertising. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends* Reminding people you are still here is essential for most sole trader businesses. As February is traditionally the month of cupid, you could spread the love by using rewards. Customer rewards need not cost the earth. Taking the time to contact old or existing customers personally to thank them for their custom or to follow up on your product, can not only yield new business from old customers but reminds customers of your brand, thus meaning they are more likely to recommend your sole trader business through word of mouth. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like good customer service?


Invest in yourself; time spent, especially at the moment, on a training platform may give you the know-how to take your sole trader business to the next level. With such varied training platforms available to stream directly into our homes, there is no reason to be left ignorant in any field of business. Grow your business by teaching yourself the intricacies of graphic design and digital marketing or learn the mysteries of Excel to improve stock efficiency.  Investing in your own skills could be how your business evolves into its next chapter.


Do you have a business plan? Many sole trader businesses fair well from day to day gathering customers much like a snowball rolling down a hill. Imagine how well your business could do if it had a constructive plan: Plans to increase footfall, whether to your website or a business premises. Increasing one's business volume by creating a social media presence. Rekindling love from old customers by reconnecting with them. Time taken to streamline wasteful business practices can all achieve great results.


If all this talk of business love has inspired you, email us at  to claim your free business plan and see if it helps you achieve your business potential.  

*Source Referral Candy.