Sole Trader

Providing sole trader accounts and tax return.


You're happy to keep on top of things throughout the year but just need someone to sort out the end of year accounts and tax?  Then you need this option!
This package is for sole traders only and includes a set of accounts and a self assessment tax return.

Accounts and Tax Return  -  £350!

 A qualified accountant will complete your Accounts and tax return for just £350


 Are you a Sole trader with a pile of paperwork that needs turning into accounts?

Can you fit your paperwork into  one A4 sized envelope?

Need a quick tax return and set of accounts?





If you just want your accounts and tax return done once a year then TicTax is ideal service for you.  This service is for those of you who just don't have that much paperwork and meet the criteria below.  

   How it works...

  1. Contact us on 0117 950 2667 or email us at and we'll send you your pack
  2. Fill out and sign the questionnaire  and return it with your paperwork in our free post envelope
  3. We’ll send you your completed return for checking and you sign using our simple electronic signature
  4. Once it’s signed we’ll submit immediately to HMRC
  5. You can relax!

 If you receive income from any of the following sources you can use our service:

  • Bank interest
  • Dividends
  • Employment
  • Sole trade / self employment / CIS subcontractor
  • Rental properties

Please note that this service does not include our monthly advice, support and management accounts our standard service provides. 

Your paperwork must fit into the A4 envelope we provide you with in order to qualify.  

You must be a UK resident

Click on the button below to get started and our Accountants will be in touch by email.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to get in touch.




This service is not suitable for complex tax matters such as foreign income, capital gains, EIS scheme subscriptions, income from trusts and estates, venture capital trust subscriptions and pension income. Refunds are not available so get in touch if you're  unsure. 


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